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Thinking About a Change? Maybe It's Time.

It’s been slightly over a month since I launched Full Frontal Leadership and took the dive into the coaching & consulting world. Although this had been something I thought about for many years, I never had the courage to make the jump. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was when I was at my worst during my burnout that I finally got up the courage to make a change, and I’m grateful that I did. For many reasons.

So what was holding me back? Complacency. Fear. Judgement. Being seen as a quitter or weak. Letting others down. Failure. Shame. A whole cast of characters that were very heavy to carry around. And even so, it seemed easier to push aside my own needs over and over again to remain in the ‘comfort’ of the vicious cycle I knew, instead of making a change for the unknown. Seems like such a common sense decision, huh?

Starting the business and opening up about my struggles has led to some great conversations with even greater individuals. And although our situations haven’t all been the same, most often the fear of creating change for ourselves has been the common thread. I often get asked, “where and how did you start?” So here are a few of my thoughts.

1. Find your ‘trust tribe,’ let the opinions of all others go and don’t feel bad about it: For me, this wound up being the most important aspect of my journey so far. This is my support group, consisting of less than five people, who unequivocally have my back. They are honest (sometimes brutally), supportive and will kick me in my a$$ when I need it. They are the voices that help me cut through the noise and help hold that heavy cast of characters I mentioned above at bay. They are the ones that know before you know, and have no problem telling you. Listen to them.

2. Continually reprioritize: This was the first thing that I needed to do, but of course, was the hardest. However, once I was able to step back, take the time, and gain some clarity, it wound up being the easiest. For me, I see my main priorities as three ‘fuel’ gauges. One for financial stability. One for mental health. One for physical health. As the world turns and ‘stuff’ is thrown my way, I consistently use these three gauges as filters to decide what to take on and what to prioritize. Now mind you, they don’t all have to be full, but I know when any one starts running low, it’s time to reprioritize, take a look at what’s on my plate and pause to refuel.

3. Find a new frame: Have you ever had that one sentimental photo, special poster or a great piece of art out on display? One that really means a lot to you. And let’s say you move somewhere new, or you change the design of a room that it’s in, and it feels like it doesn’t ‘fit’ anymore? Do you throw it away? Do you just take it down and hide it away in storage? Most of the time, we would just get a new frame for it. Sometimes the way we frame things impacts the way we see the bigger picture. It’s the same way I saw the possibilities for myself. It just took some work to reframe the situation and focus on all the positive outcomes vs. the negative. And just like finding just the right frame, switching it out and hanging it just right, this took work! Patience and grace were fantastic helpers. Accept the help.

I could keep going, but I’ll save it for another day. I will sum up that although I try to keep the ‘noise’ at a minimum, the greatest part of making the jump and launching Full Frontal Leadership has been the support. The support from people I already knew, from the ones I’ve just met, and I’m sure, from the ones I have yet to meet. For this, I am so appreciative!

It shouldn’t take burnout or other serious types of challenges to push us (or even force us) to make a change. It’s hard, but as I’ve come to find, it’s worth it.

If you’ve stuck around this long. Thank you! If you’re going through the process of trying to make a change, if you’re feeling burned out, or in general, want to talk through it with someone, send me a message! I’d love to chat. No cost. No strings. Maybe I could offer some support. You can click here for availability.

As always, more to come…

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