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Stripping Down the Meaning of Full Frontal Leadership

One of my favorite questions I get is, "Why did you name the company and call your own leadership philosophy Full Frontal Leadership?" The name can bring up many different thoughts and visuals, I’m aware. When going through the process of documenting my own leadership journey, identifying the most crucial aspects of success, and then trying to find a name or phrase that embodied it all, I kept coming back to Full Frontal Leadership. Not only does it fully represent my overall thoughts and primary approach as a leader, but the name was also a little fun and cheeky which is also important. Pun intended.

When I looked up the definition of full frontal in the dictionary, I was intrigued to say the least. Have you ever heard the phrase "full frontal attack"? It's a term that's often used to describe a bold, diligent, and direct approach to tackling a problem or challenge. As a leader, it's very important to have this kind of mindset for many reasons. The modern business landscape is constantly changing and evolving at a rate that can be tremendously difficult to keep up with, and leaders must be able to adapt and overcome any obstacles that come their way quickly and effectively.

But here's the thing: Full Frontal Leadership isn't just about being bold and direct. It's also about being vulnerable, transparent, and candid…a play on another meaning of full frontal; being fully exposed. Why? Because these qualities are essential for building strong relationships and earning the trust of your team. More importantly, you cannot prioritize your own mental and physical wellbeing without maintaining a high level of self-awareness through a sometimes raw, honest, yet supportive inner monologue.

Think about it: how can you expect your team to follow you and support you if they don't feel like they know you? If they don't feel like you're being genuine and transparent with them? If they don't feel like you're willing to admit your mistakes and vulnerabilities? How can you prevent burnout and be the best for your team if you’re not willing to set and enforce boundaries? If you can’t say “no” to requests where there aren’t the resources you need to complete them without unjustified sacrifice to yourself and team? If you’re not willing to leave work on time to allow time for rejuvenating activities or the relationships that really matter?

Authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability, along with modeling the behaviors you want to see, are the keys to building credibility, loyalty and establishing a healthy culture. Without the support of your team and prioritizing your own needs, you'll struggle to achieve success as a leader.

So, why did I choose the name Full Frontal Leadership for my company? Because, again, it embodies my overall leadership philosophy: to be bold, diligent, and direct, but also vulnerable, authentic, and transparent in approach. The name might be a little provocative to some, sure, but it's also a reminder of the importance of prioritizing yourself, choosing courage over fear and earning the trust and loyalty of your team. And if the name helps keep the important conversations going, then I’ve done my job!

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Unknown member
Jan 13, 2023

This blog is LIFE! Crystal clear on why you chose the name. Thank you for sharing and being transparent!

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